Inquiry Sheet

Even with consistent training practices and many reminders about procedures, we have found that when a voter moves after the poll books are printed both the election inspectors and the voters still get confused. To try to alleviate some of this confusion we have created what we call our Inquiry Sheet. Included on this sheet are the voterís name, new street address, new polling location, and new town and district. Along with this information we have included instructions for the inspectors indicating that this voter has just moved into their district and will be voting by Affidavit Ballot at their new polling place this election.

Some examples of when the Inquiry Sheet would be used are:

  • When a voter comes into the office after poll books have been printed to make an address change. We complete the Inquiry Sheet and advise the voter to take it with them to their new district on Election Day.
  • When a voter goes to their old election district on Election Day. The inspector will complete the Inquiry Sheet and send it with the voter to their new polling location.
  • When a voter calls the office to ask what they should do on Election Day because they have just moved. We will mail an Inquiry Sheet to the voter and advise them to take it with them to their new polling location.

We have found that this has been successful on Election Day at the polls. It has eliminated the need for the inspectors at the new district to investigate the voterís address, thus cutting down wait time for the voter. This has also helped to keep voters from voting in the wrong election district.